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Cheapest Smart phones You Can Buy in the Philippines

Because the economy is not good, every individual in many parts of the globe have a hard time in getting by. As a result, they struggle in buying luxurious items. Smart phones are among these luxurious items. However, though, these people need not despair. There are some smart phones being sold in the Philippines that are affordable. Below are just some of them:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 is currently priced at Php 9,900. The Samsung Galaxy S21 radiates with a substantial amount of color on its screen. The S21 Ultra of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is available in Phantom Silver or Phantom Black. The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a big screen-6.8 inches. The said smart phone model of Samsung has a battery size of 5,000 mAh.

  • Real  Me Narzo 20

The Real Me Narzo 20 costs 7,990 Php. The camera of this smart phone is not of high definition. Having said this, buyers should not expect to be able to take good pictures using the camera of the Real Me Narzo 20. However, consumers can count on this smart phone to be the source in which they (the consumers) can play mobile online games.

  • POCO M3

POCO M3 is currently priced at 7,990 Php. This smart phone has diverse camera features that consumers can explore. However, these camera features are not of very high quality. So, consumers should not expect to  that utilizing these camera features will bring about what they are expecting.

  • Infinix Note 7

This smart phone also costs 7,990 Php. The Infinix does not have high-tech features, just like some of the other smart phone models mentioned previously. But, this phone’s camera does take average looking photos.

People can drop by their favorite smart phone stores to discover more the selling of more cheap  smart phone models. Consumers have to keep in mind, though, that the quality of the smart phones they’ll buy should not be compromised in exchange for the selling price.

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