Malimit Network, Inc. External Terms and Conditions

External Terms and Conditions

Introduction and Coverage

This Terms and Conditions cover use of systems and services provided by Malimit Network Inc, hereinafter referred to as “MNI” externally including those systems hosted in the Malimit Network Inc.

By using the services provided by MNI, the user agrees to the terms and conditions set here forth and any of its amendment.

MNI has the right to suspend anytime its free services without prior notice to its users. The user/s agree to hold MNI free from any liability arising from the suspension of its free services. MNI may also destroy the data including those stored in its database after thirty (30) days from the start of the suspension. After such time, all data are considered non-recoverable. The user may request to reinstate the services based on the new agreement with MNI.

If the services provided are part of MNI’s membership or employment with the users, MNI is not compelled to provide or update its services after termination of its membership or employment. Any system retained at the premise of the user shall be deemed property of MNI except for the data stored or encoded by the user. MNI shall not be liable if the data will be corrupted, lost, or damaged.