Malimit Network, Inc. Tech Fiber Internet and its benefits for Businesses and Individuals

Fiber Internet and its benefits for Businesses and Individuals

Fiber connection is one of the leading reliable internet service providers in the Philippines. Fiber connection has been the key source in avoiding net connection lags and the frequent disconnection in the areas within the Philippines.

A Fiber internet connection has a speed of maximum 940 megabits per second (Mbps), with seldom lag time. Having said this, individuals and businesses do not have to rely on accessing a net connection at a internet cafe frequently, if they have Fiber as a source of net connection. Frequently accessing the internet at a cyber cafe is very inconvenient. Work flow gets interrupted when people’s execution of their work duties are disrupted when there is a lag or loss of net connection at home or in the office.

Fiber vs. DSL

As compared to DSL internet connection, Fiber optic has an edge over speed in a substantially considerable manner. Comparing the speed of Fiber vs. DSL, Fiber has a maximum download speed of 1Gpbs (1000Mbps), whereas, DSL has a maximum download speed of about 6 Mbps.

Thus, Fiber net connection comes in handy in executing the following functions:

  • Download of music and videos
  • Stream of TV and movies
  • Play of real-time multiplayer games online.
  • Connection to multiple devices, like, computers, mobile devices, and smart TV’s simultaneously.

Fiber internet connection is also more reliable in other aspects. There are a couple of other factors that can intervene with the connection and speed of DSL-power outages, power lines proximity, and the Internet Service Provider distance.

There are certain kinds of Fiber internet connection that does not depend on electricity, so having these kinds of Fiber connection will not cause power outages and will not cause powerful electrical equipment proximity to be the factor which causes any or substantial interference on a connection.

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